Every Sunday 8

EVERY SUNDAY # 8 Fakes and goodies edition

1)Does it offend you? Yeah-Being Bad Feels Pretty Good

2)Dragonette-Pick Up The Phone (Arithmatix! Remix)

3)Damn Arms-Destination Part 1 (Cassian Remix)

4)Breakbot-Baby I'm yours feat. IRFANE

5)Datarock-True Stories


7)Get Back Guinozzi !-Carpet Madness

8)OK GO-This Too Shall Pass

9)White Stripes-Catch Hell Blues

10)Fake Justice- Beggining of The End

11)Daft Punk???-The Crash

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dz02ejtuvrx/everysunday 8.mp3

Every Sunday Dance Bonus

Dance with the Rock Style. Crook you up

http://www.mediafire.com/file/jmmljnrzln2/12 ~ Gunman.mp3

Every Sunday: The Lucky 7 Edition

Welcome back Fellas, Every Sunday: The Lucky 7 edition!!!!!This time no descriptions, just listen

1)The Beatles-Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band
2)Tenorio Jr-Nebulosa(Dj Haircut's Re edit)
3)Devo-Whip it
4)The Waitresses-I Know what Boys like
5)Gonzales-Let's Ride
7)Parov Stelar-Libella Swing(Highly Recommended Swing Song)
8)VHS or Beta-Heaven(Maybe Divagash is in love with this band)
9)J Dilla-The New
10) Yelle-Ce Jeu(The Twelves Remix)
11) Thomas Bangalter-Spinal Scratch(Jo Kira Scratch and Sniff Remix)
12)Daft Punk's Robot Rock( Overdrive Remix) Blowing your head away, trust me

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wnylyl4moln/Every Sunday#7.mp3

Every Sunday #6

Every Sunday #6 , eclectic Music in your head After a Great Horror Week. Ready???? For this sunday we have some New York Hip Hop Stars: Gang Starr, Brooklyns Finest Rock:The Black Keys, The Dead Weather, Foals, Devendras New Album!!!!, Tahiti Boy and the Palmtrees(Xavier de Rosnay Produced them), Klub Des Loosers, Bobby Analog, Midfield General and Justice...Enjoy this fucking playlist and Enjoy The new November!!!
We have no commercials, Just Music.

This is every Sunday

Enjoy music

Enjoy The Week

1)Gang Starr-Deadly Habitz
2)The Black Keys-Psychotic Girl
3)The Dead Weather-Are Friends Electric
5)Devendra Barnhart-Goin back
6)Tahiti Boy and the Palmtrees-1973(para one remix)
7)Klub Des Loosers-La Femme de Fer
8)Bobby Analog-Break Addict
9)Midfield General-Disco Sirens

Download Here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/noeizr0cea3/Every Sunday#6.mp3

Every Sunday #5

oioioioi. Para este domingo eclectico tenemos algo de Tellier, Soda Pop Kid, Roysopp,Jay Z, Kanye West con Mr Flash,Tv on the RADIO,Alex Metric, Knightlife,Mr Oizo y Saturday Looks Good to me.

Have a great horror week!!!!

  1. Jay Z-A Million and one questions
  2. Kanye West-Paranoid(Mr Flash Remix)
  3. Saturday looks good to me-Underwater heartbeat
  4. Royksopp-Happy Up Here
  5. Mr Oizo and Tellier-Skatesteak
  6. Knightlife-Discotirso
  7. Sebastian Tellier-Divine
  8. Soda Pop Kid-Rocker Daddy
  9. Alex Metric-Head Straight
  10. Tv on the Radio-Family Tree

Baje o descargue aca!!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/dm3nuynmwmj/Every Sunday#5.mp3

Enjoy Music
Enjoy the Week

Every Sunday #4

Every Sunday #4

The Lonely Island Feat Natalie Portman, Hip Hop Best Beat maker in the history J Dilla, Punk classics with The Clash Live!!!, The Twelves, Poney Poney AKA Jamaica, Something new from Midnight Juggernauts new Album,Spoon, Vampire Weekend presenting their new album from Contra Album, Stereo total,... and Julian Casablancas Phrazes for the Young new song

  1. Natalie's Rap-The Lonely Island
  2. Two Can Win-J Dilla
  3. Train in Vain-The Clash
  4. Works For Me-The Twelves
  5. Junior-Jamaica
  6. This is the new Technology-Midnight Juggernauts
  7. All The Pretty Girls go to the City-Spoon
  8. Horchata-Vampire Weekend
  9. L Amour a 3-Stereo Total
  10. 11th Dimension-Julian Casablancas

Enjoy the Week,Enjoy Music,Keep Tuned and Keep Rockin

Every Sunday

Download it Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dmzfwmiiyig/Every Sunday#4.mp3

Every Sunday #3

Sorry, We re late but...Part of the Weekend...Never Dies...Every Sunday 3: Phoenix and Devendra Barnhart,Mayer Hawthorne and Clasixx, Waxdolls, Van She, Sebastien Tellier and Dj Mehdi from the New compilation of Remixes by Mehdi, Little Boots, 7Berg From Iceland and a Sneak Peek to Daft Punk´s new material

1)Mayer Hawthorne-Green Eyed Love(Clasixx Remix)
2)Phoenix-Rome(Devendra Barnhart and Neighbors Remix)
3)Devendra Barnhart-Carmensita
4)7berg-Sumar í Reykjavík
5)Waxdolls-Step Down
6)Little Boots-New in Town(Fred Falke re edit)
7)Sebastian Tellier-Oh Malheur chez O'Malley (DJ Mehdi Remix)
8)Waxdolls-Spoiled Rich Bitches
9)Van She-Virgin Suicide
10)Daft Punk-Fragile

Lads and Gents

Enjoy The Week,

Enjoy Music

Download it Here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/myzn0zuwkyf/every sunday 3.mp3

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